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Multitunnel Greenhouses

The height of this type of greenhouses helps to increase the circulation of air. They are also very watertight and the plastic can be replaced by a fairly simple system.

All kinds of crops and/or devices can be suspended from the structure of Frada’s multitunnel greenhouses. The lack of obstacles inside these units when several modules are assembled side by side helps to make more efficient use of the land and means that all kinds of auxiliary control systems can be installed to ensure optimum cultivation conditions.

The experts working in the different departments of Frada Invernaderos guarantee an optimum performance of the greenhouse and much higher quality than average, with longer-lasting constructions and lower maintenance costs.

Contact the experts in the Technical Sales Department, who will offer you guidance in your choice of the most suitable structure for your crops and the most appropriate auxiliary systems.

"We build the future of your production facility"

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